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Diana Machulina
Artist, Fall 2013


Born in Lugansk, Ukraine in 1981, lives and works in Moscow. She represents the young generation of contemporary artists in Russia, and has been named Best Young Artist by the Kandinsky Prize Jury in 2008. She has graduated from three prominent academic institutions in Moscow: Academic Art Lyceum, the Russian University of Theater Arts (GITIS) and Institute of Contemporary Art, as well as the Stuttgart Art Academy. Machulina has participated in many prestigious exhibitions, including solo shows in Moscow, Paris, and Geneva. In 2009 she was included in «Younger than Jesus» artist directory, New-Museum (NY). This edition introduces over 500 of the best artists under thirty-three years of age from around the world. In 2010 she was selected for an artist residency in Paris, Couvent des Recollets. In her artwork, from paintings to sculptures and installations, Machulina represents different aspects of ordinary environment to reveal the unexpected reality.